Health Policy

The role of CareOregon as an advocate to federal, state and local government is vast and complex. For our members, we fight for health care reforms that improve the experience of care. For our customer (the federal and state government), we are committed to bending the cost curve and living within a sustainable cost structure. For our provider partners, we are constantly working to drive policies that improve quality and the overall delivery of health care.

CareOregon’s Efforts in Health Care Policy

Our primary efforts are to support transformational changes in how the state delivers programs that support the health of vulnerable populations. These transformations can and must be patient-centered, reduce costs and integrate care. With the passage of HB 3650 to create Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs) for Medicaid-recipients throughout the state, we are working with legislators, health leaders and community members to determine how best to achieve these goals. Collaborative groups are working throughout the state to form CCOs that meet the unique needs of each community.


Our Memberships

CareOregon’s legislative work doesn’t happen in isolation. We work closely with organizations representing consumers, business and other health care providers. View a more detailed list of memberships.