Learning Opportunities

At CareOregon, we’re committed to improving health care through learning.

How? We engage in bottom-up learning processes with our staff. We open our doors to community health professionals who want to take trainings designed to improve health care delivery. And we send our staff into hospitals and clinics to support improvement efforts at those sites.

Interested in our learning opportunities? Check out the summaries below. Contact Theron Post with questions or to schedule your group: postt@careoregon.org or 503-416-5965.

Overview of training opportunities


Process Improvement Training

In this workshop, you’ll gain the understanding and tools for conducting state-of-the-art clinical practice improvement projects. Process Improvement uses quality improvement methods in a team setting to manage and integrate non-clinical processes.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)

This 2-hour, interactive workshop delves into the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), a self-discovery tool. SDI helps team members identify motivations, tendencies and behaviors within their group, and what they might expect of themselves and others when things are going well and at times of conflict.

How to be an Effective Facilitator

How do you increase participation in a meeting while making sure information is communicated clearly and in a balanced way? In this 2-1/2-hour class, we’ll go over key aspects of the facilitator’s role in observing and assessing the group process, and introduce techniques to encourage broad participation.

Value Stream Mapping for Improvement

All work is a process; Value Stream Mapping helps teams see what their process looks like—and where it needs improvement. A Value Stream Map begins with an outside request for a product or service. The mapping creates a visual graphic of the process, step by step, through the eyes of the client. Teams 1) look at the current state of a process 2) envision a better future state and 3) plan how to move from the current situation to the preferred one.

Problem Solving with A3 Thinking

“A3 Thinking” is a logical, sequential problem-solving method for addressing a specific organizational problem. The A3 structure helps organizations take a step back when assessing a specific problem, asking, “What is the current condition?” and “Why is this problem occurring?” Prerequisites: “Value Stream Mapping for Improvement” training; experience with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Model for Improvement and PDSA (Plan-Do-Study-Act) cycles.



Our Learning Commons staff is available to help you with all programs. For more information, contact Theron Post with questions or to schedule your group: postt@careoregon.org or 503-416-5965.