FamilyCare Update for Members

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FamilyCare has announced that it will no longer be providing OHP services at the end of January 2018. We want to assure its members that the rest of the Coordinated Care Organization health plan community is working closely with the Oregon Health Plan to make this as easy a transition as possible.

  • No OHP member will lose their coverage due to this transition. When the transition happens, all OHP coverage will stay the same.
  • Please continue going to all your scheduled appointments; no one should be denied care. If your provider has a question about eligibility, please have them call FamilyCare.
  • All FamilyCare members will transition to a new Coordinated Care Organization. Depending on your location, these are Yamhill Community Care Organization, Willamette Valley Community Health and Health Share of Oregon, which CareOregon partners with in the metro area.
  • You don’t need to take any steps to change your CCO. OHP will contact you with the new CCO you’ve been assigned to. Most FamilyCare members will transition to Health Share of Oregon.
  • CareOregon provides physical and pharmacy care to the majority of Health Share’s members. Both organizations are committed to making this a positive experience for you.
  • We will do our best to assign you to your current provider. CareOregon has a broad primary and specialty care network, and the majority of FamilyCare providers are already part of the CareOregon family.
  • Our primary goal is to protect the safety and security of all OHP members, regardless of current assignment. CareOregon, and all the Health Share partner health plans, will cover all scheduled physical health services and previously approved prescriptions up to 90 days at the partner health plans contracted rates.
  • For mental health services, Health Share will honor prior authorizations and out-of-network providers for at least 180 days, or possibly more depending on circumstances. This will give members time to get new authorizations.
  • If you have questions about Health Share, learn more at
  • If you have questions about the transition process, call 1-833-278-4215.
  • If you have questions about CareOregon, feel free to call us at 503-416-4100; TTY users can call 711.


New Member Welcome Line: 1-833-278-4215

New Member Checklist

This is a general checklist of how to get started as a member of Health Share/CareOregon.

  • Call Customer Service and give us the name of your Primary Care Provider (PCP). Don’t have a PCP? Find a doctor who is open to new patients by using our Provider Search or by calling Customer Service.

    Note: If you are selecting a new PCP because you are a new member, please call your new PCP to establish a relationship, even if you are not sick. You don't want to wait until you get sick to make that first call. It could cause delays if the PCP's office doesn't have you in their system.
  • If you are pregnant, then you can search for a doctor (obstetrician) who handles Prenatal Care before the baby arrives. Or, call Customer Service.
    • Call your OB provider to establish Prenatal Care as soon as possible.
    • You’ll also want to establish or maintain a patient relationship with your PCP.
  • Make sure all of your providers have your new coverage information. Show them your Health Share/CareOregon ID card.
  • If you take medications, then talk to your PCP about what medications your plan covers, or check our web site for drug coverage information. You can also call Customer Service.
    • As a new member, if you have trouble filling a prescription for a medication you’ve been taking, call us. We may be able to help you with a transitional supply.
  • If you have diabetes supply needs, then tell your PCP what they are.
    • As a new member, if you have trouble getting diabetes supplies, call us. We may be able to help you get a transitional supply.
  • If you need to know where you can get medical supplies or equipment, or want to set up mail order for your diabetes supplies, you can find a vendor by using our provider search.  You can also call Customer Service.