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Contact Information for OHP Members

CareOregon administers OHP benefits for members in various coordinated care organizations (CCOs) across the state. 

Because of this, finding who to contact about benefits or general questions can be confusing.

Below you will find contact information for all of the entities we serve.

Contact Information for CareOregon's partner CCOs:

Health Share of Oregon

Customer service: 1-888-519-3845
E-mail: info@healthshareoregon.org
Web: www.healthshareoregon.org 


Columbia Pacific CCO:

Customer service: 1-855-722-8206
E-mail: info@colpachealth.org
Web: www.colpachealth.org


Jackson Care Connect:

Customer service: 1-855-722-8208
E-mail: info@jacksoncareconnect.org
Web: www.jacksoncareconnect.org


Yamhill Community Care Organization:

Customer service: 1-855-722-8205
E-mail: info@yamhillcco.org
Web: www.yamhillcco.org


Other Helpful Information for OHP Members or Potential Members