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Lecture: "Improving Quality at the End of Life with Video"

February 09, 2012

Last week, the Medical Management team organized a lecture in our Learning Commons with Dr. Angelo Volandes of Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital. The discussion was about improving understanding between clinicians and patients at the end of life through the use of video decision aids that he has helped develop. The results of their research were quite impressive.

CareOregon has purchased a license to use these videos and is currently working on an implementation strategy. CareOregon’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Margaret Rowland, shared that the goal is to “provide tools to allow us to create community standards in terms of the approach to end of life care. The OHP benefit now covers the provision of palliative care - but it is an underused service. Health care providers are not always good (for many reasons) at having these conversations. These decision support videos (especially since they are evidence based) are a great tool to have available.”

With a very generous license agreement that will allow basically anyone who touches our members to use the videos (our staff, hospitals, providers, etc.), the improvements we see could be quite far-reaching.

If you have any questions, contact Lorinda Koller at kollerl@careoregon.org.