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Food Rx offers four programs for our members: Cooking Matters® classes, Curative Nutrition, Prenatal Healthy Eating Classes and The Gleaning Collaborative.

Cooking Matters® classes

The need: Not everyone knows the basic cooking techniques and savvy shopping skills that enable us to stretch our food dollars, prepare nutritious meals, and add flavor without relying on salt, sugar and butter.

Our program: We’re partnering with the Oregon Food Bank and Fred Meyer to offer CareOregon members “Cooking Matters,” a series of free cooking, shopping and nutrition classes taught by Oregon Food Bank volunteers.

We hold our classes in the community kitchen at the Stadium Fred Meyer, West Burnside & NW 20th Place.

Participants learn to read package labels. They prep and cook a meal, then sit down to eat together. Students receive a bag of groceries so they can re-make the dishes at home. They also get cookbooks, kitchen tools and TriMet tickets.

Questions, or want to register? We’d love to hear from you. Call 503-416-1766, or email foodrx@careoregon.org.

“I can’t think of anything better CareOregon could have done. This makes such a difference in my daily life, food-wise and socially.”
- Shirley, CareOregon member

Curative Nutrition

The need: Wounds, burns and surgical incisions require extra protein and calories to heal. Patients whose diet lacks the needed protein and nutrients can face a situation called a stalled wound, meaning a wound that doesn’t heal properly. A stalled wound presents a risk of infection, prolonged medical care and unnecessary suffering.

Our program: Members being treated for a chronically stalled wound and who lack reliable meals may be eligible for our eight-week Curative Nutrition program. A clinician must refer the member, a medical director must approve, and the member must live in the Portland tri-county area.

Housed members receive home delivery of three precooked meals daily, providing 1,200 to 2,000 calories and about 90 to150 grams of protein. Un-housed members receive protein shakes and/or bars to supplement their normal diet, plus a hot meal five days a week at Sisters of the Road Cafe.

For more information: Email foodrx@careoregon.org.

“Nutrition played an essential role in wound healing.”
– Medical provider with a patient in the Curative Nutrition program

The Gleaning Collaborative

The need: Better access to fresh foods, especially for homebound and disabled residents of Portland’s low-income housing complexes.

The Rx: We collaborate with Urban Gleaners to distribute about 300 pounds of fresh foods each week to 10 different low-income apartment buildings in downtown Portland. Nearly half of the 400 residents served are CareOregon members.

Volunteers who live in the buildings decide how to distribute the food at their site, and run the program. This individualized, resident-centered approach also creates a sense of ownership and community.

An OPB report: 


Portland State University report on food insecurity: 


Monthly food resources newsletter

Food Rx creates and distributes a monthly newsletter to the community. It highlights seasonal food resources, culturally appropriate food resources, nutrition education opportunities and more. We invite you to subscribe! Email us at foodrx@careoregon.org.

How we began

Food Rx dates to May 2014, when we launched a pilot project, “Food Rx and My Street Grocery.” We partnered with three medical clinics and a mobile mini grocery store. Medical providers at the clinics wrote $15 vouchers, like a prescription for fresh foods, which patients could use at a food-filled trolley operated by Whole Foods. Initially conceived as a six-week experiment, the pilot continued about six months, until December 2014.

The “food prescription” pilot gave us deeper understanding of our members’ needs, the barriers to their eating more fresh foods, and the range of ways food affects health over the lifespan.

More info:

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Newsletter from a clinic partner

What Food Rx does

Our community partnerships have made it possible for us to evolve Food Rx into an economically sustainable model that benefits our members and the communities where they live. We facilitate access to food and education on healthy eating. We address specific, immediate nutritional needs, as well as food choices and behaviors that have a lifelong effect on health.

  • We collaborate with partner health clinics and food vendors to deliver unique programs.
  • We design solutions to address unmet needs in the areas of nutrition, food insecurity and community-building.
  • We streamline processes that enable our staff to connect members and clinics to food and nutrition resources provided by CareOregon and the community.
  • We convene and share learning with other groups and organizations working with the relationships between food and health.


We very much appreciate our partners: Farm to Fit, Fred Meyer, Oregon Food Bank, Urban Gleaners and Women’s Healthcare Associates.


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Food Rx: Capitalizing on the power of nutrition

Members participating in a cooking class

Food Rx is part of CareOregon’s Community Health Innovation Programs. We work on the connections between nutritional well-being and the social determinants of health. Food Rx is passionate about using the power of food and nutrition to improve the health, healing and well-being of our members. Subscribe now to our free monthly newsletter!

Connect with Food Rx

Email Kristian Van Doorn-Logan, Food Access Coordinator at: foodrx@careoregon.org

What we do

Food Rx is an information and resources hub. We connect members, staff and community partners, capitalizing on the many programs that use nutrition to improve Oregonians’ health and well-being. We work to extend the reach of other community resources.