Give2Get_1.sflb.ashxWish you knew more people?

Things you need help with?

Skills you could share?

If the answers are Yes, Yes and Yes, Give2Get is for you.

This volunteer program connects you to other CareOregon members. You exchange services at no cost, make friends and build community.

It is a peer to peer network. For example, you might want to rake leaves for someone who can’t do yard work. You might want someone to help you organize your closet. Or maybe you just want someone to walk with. You choose what you have to give and see a list of things you might want to get.

g2g-logo_smallWho can join? We’re starting with Health Share/CareOregon members living in Clackamas County. Once the program grows, we’ll move into other counties in the metro area.

Is it safe? Give2Get volunteers are carefully screened, and we’ll work with you to discuss safety measures.

Interested in learning more? Download a printable pamphlet about the Give2Get program.

Contact us at 503-488-2811, Monday – Friday, 8 5 p.m. or by email at