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The LiveWell™ Method transforms long-term care communities 

CO_Our_House_2016-2769-8x6.sflb.ashxThe LiveWell™ Method is a revolutionary methodology CareOregon developed to help long-term care communities improve the quality, satisfaction and experience of care. Communities benefit on a number of measures. 

This simple, effective method coaches communities in a unique “bottom up, top-enabled” empowerment approach to teamwork, communication and leadership.

CareOregon piloted LiveWell™ in 10 communities in Oregon during 2015, an additional 20 in 2016 and 20 more in 2017. The Oregon Department of Human Services is supporting the pilot to test the LiveWell™ tools and their broader applicability.


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How the LiveWell™ Method offers value

Skylark_with_binder.sflb.ashxThe LiveWell™ Method combines quality assurance and performance improvement. This provides the foundation for a culture of quality improvement. It touches many dimensions that affect the care experience: leadership, empowered staff, teamwork and communication. Because it affects community functions on different levels, LiveWell™ aligns with some systems you already have in place and other programs you’ve seen in the past.

  • Improves the quality of care
  • Improves resident well-being
  • Improves staff well-being and retention
  • Reduces the cost of care
  • Improves regulatory compliance

Why quality improvement?

CO_LiveWell_Launch_2016-9442-5x7.sflb.ashxFocusing on quality improvement is the right thing to do. Quality improvement supports a stable, well-trained workforce, safer environment and the organization’s financial health. It improves the bottom line by:

  • Reducing the cost of staff turnover
  • Reducing the cost of empty bed days
  • Reducing the cost of litigation
  • Reducing the cost of workers’ compensation claims