""“Patients who once waited weeks to get an appointment now can usually get one within three days. They also know who their doctor is and which nurses and medical assistants will treat them.” – Portland Monthly: House Calls

"Part of the reason physicians aren't going into primary care is because it's very laborious work," says Dave Ford, CareOregon's former CEO. "Without a primary-care home, infrastructure support and team-based care, it's exhausting. The Primary Care Renewal brings an enthusiasm back to practice, and that's going to be attractive. It also brings money in so that the practices will see average income increases."


Primary Care Renewal: Building Medical Homes in Oregon

In 2007, CareOregon awarded grants to five teams to launch a series of health reforms with the goal of a renewed approach to primary care. They revolutionized their daily office practices, integrated mental health services, planned for the care of populations rather that just one-to-one care, and created learning organizations.

Interested in Building a Medical Home?

CareOregon convened a second medical home collaborative in 2011 and continues to convene collaboratives for clinics interested in developing a medical home model of care in their practice. Experience and tools from the Primary Care Renewal collaborative are combined with Lean Process Improvement tools and techniques to give practices a head start with practical tools they can implement.

If you are interested in participating in a medical home collaborative, please contact us.

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