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Air conditioner funding and access

Air Conditioner funding for those with chronic conditions

Extreme heat can be dangerous for anyone, especially those with chronic medical conditions. If you or someone you know has a chronic medical condition, traditional methods of preventing heat-related illness may not be enough. Leaving your home for a cooling center also may not be an option.

CareOregon has a program that may be able to get you an air conditioning unit for your home.  Through our Health Related Services, eligible members with chronic conditions that may be more susceptible to heat-related illness can request funding for a home air conditioning unit.  

What conditions qualify?

Per the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), people at the highest risk for heat-related illness are those with conditions like

  • heart disease
  • mental illness
  • respiratory illness
  • obesity

These are not all the conditions that could qualify you for a free air conditioner. Talk with your provider to determine whether your condition qualifies you.

How do I request the funding?

Your provider needs to submit this request for you. They can make the case for your specific situation and submit the request to CareOregon using the HRSF Flexible Services Funding Request form

Instructions for your provider on how to fill out this form can be found here: HRSF Request Form instructions

Please make sure you give your provider accurate information to help them fill out this form.

How long until I get my air conditioner?

Once your provider submits the funding request, it can take up to 14 business days for a decision to be made. You will receive a letter from CareOregon informing you of our decision.

If the request is funded, delivery of the unit is then dependent on manufacturer availability and shipping times. The entire process can take up to 6 weeks, so it is best to speak with a provider as soon as possible to prepare for the hot weather months. We recommend putting in your request in the spring, before it gets hot.

What information does my provider need from me?

For the best and quickest outcome, you should make sure your provider has all the following information:

  • What kind of AC unit you need (specify between window unit or portable
  • Approximate size of the space you plan on cooling
  • Your delivery address

The rest of the information will be filled into the form by your requesting provider.

Will my unit be installed for me?

Installation of your air conditioning unit is not included in this request. If you need help installing it, your provider will have to submit a separate funding request, indicating the installation vendor you wish to use. PLEASE NOTE: the installation vendor you choose is not guaranteed. If there is a more appropriate or available vendor for the request, we reserve the right to select a different vendor.

For more information on staying cool during extreme heat instances, view our web page Extreme Heat Resources.