Changes to Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) – Ride to Care

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As part of the Health Share 2.0 transition, CareOregon is assuming responsibility for the management of the Non-Emergent Medical Transportation (NEMT) benefit. This is an important benefit for many of your patients to ensure access to essential services. To build a sustainable, quality NEMT service, we are making changes to the Ride to Care program. These changes will impact Health Share members and your clinic staff. 

The most significant change that will impact your staff workflows involves verifying members’ appointments. In order for a member to receive reimbursement for transportation, a member of your staff will need to sign an appointment verification form. Please review the provider letter for more details related to these changes.

Beginning next week, Ride to Care will send members information about program changes that take effect in early March. Below is a list of documents we’ve attached to help your teams to understand and prepare for these changes. We are enlisting your support in spreading the information to your clinic leadership and member-facing teams.

To ensure we are communicating broadly to the high-volume clinics, our Provider Relations Specialists will also be reaching out directly to these clinics by phone or email. We are sending a hard copy of the letter and appointment verification form to these clinics as well. All these materials will be available on the CareOregon website, on the Connect portal and the Ride to Care website the week of February 17.

If you have urgent questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ride to Care at 503-416-3955, option 2 (toll-free 855-321-4899).  If you have general questions specific to these changes, please contact us at

We deeply appreciate your partnership and dedication in serving OHP members!