Now, more than ever, you deserve great health care.

Every day, CareOregon helps hundreds of thousands of Oregonians access free health care, including physical, dental, mental health care and prescription drug coverage, through the Oregon Health Plan (OHP).

OHP is Oregon’s Medicaid program. Due to the current coronavirus situation, you and many other people may be eligible for OHP for the first time. We’re here to help you get started.



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Do I qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP)?

You might qualify for the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) if:

  • Your income falls below certain levels
  • You’ve lost your job or employer-provided insurance

Please note:

  • You may be eligible for OHP, even if you’ve been denied in the past
  • Federal emergency payments do not affect your OHP eligibility (this includes stimulus checks and some unemployment payments)
  • If you were eligible for OHP as of March 18, 2020 your coverage will not be terminated during this National Emergency
  • Applying for OHP is easier than before.
  • Apply today at or call 800-699-9075. Wait times may be long.
  • You can also get free help from a local community partner here.

Learn more about OHP benefits

There are many great things about being a member of CareOregon and the Oregon Health Plan, including physical, dental and mental health care.

To help you get the most out of your plan, we created this helpful video that explains some of the benefits available to you and your family.

The care you need,
when and where you need it.

You should not delay essential care during the coronavirus situation. CareOregon providers are here for you with in-person and telehealth appointment options.

  • Preventive care is still important and clinics are prepared to serve you. Contact your clinic to determine the best way to get care.
  • Immunizations are vital, especially for kids
    under two.
  • Chronic condition care is more important than ever. Call your provider to manage your diabetes, asthma, substance use treatment or other conditions.

Please remember that you matter for yourself and everyone around you.

Coverage for mental health care
and substance use treatment.

Even if you feel stuck at home, you’re not alone. OHP gives you access to mental health care and substance use treatment.

  • Contact your clinic directly about how to get your needed supports. Many providers are holding appointments by phone or video, though some in-person visits are available for those who need them.
  • This can be a difficult time, but Multnomah County makes domestic violence and mental health resources available to you. Click here to learn more.

CareOregon-Health Share 

CareOregon and Health Share of Oregon work together to make sure you and your family stay healthy.

Health Share of Oregon is a family of health plans, including CareOregon, that provide free health care coverage through the Oregon Health Plan. CareOregon manages your benefits and pays your bills. We’re your health care insurance company, plus we can help connect you to other resources, like food, housing, education and more.

CareOregon can also help
connect you to these benefits:

  • ER & Urgent Care
  • Food resources
  • Transportation options
  • Housing support
  • Prenatal care and infant care
  • Education support
  • Pharmacy
  • Substance use treatment
  • Care coordination among all your providers
  • Language interpreter services

Questions about your coverage or health benefits?
Call us at 844-805-CARE (2273).

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