Dr Shah named to Fora Health Board of Directors

We want to congratulate our fearless Chief Medical Officer, Amit Shah, MD, for recently being named to the board of directors at Fora Health Treatment & Recovery.

The relationship between Dr Shah and Fora Health (formerly De Paul Treatment Centers) goes back over a decade. As a primary care provider, he would refer patients for their substance use disorder (SUD) services and treatment. When he became CMO at CareOregon, his collaboration continued through CareOregon’s clinical partnerships with De Paul. Now, with his recent board appointment, he’s just in time to make an impact.

Fora Health has been treating patients struggling with substance abuse disorder for 40+ years. For CareOregon, Fora and Dr Shah personally, there is an aligned passion for SUD services and treatment. “SUD services and treatment are paramount to addressing overall health, quality for members and patients,” says Dr Shah. He got involved to help address medical costs, but mainly because of the passion to create better and healthier outcomes for patients.

His excitement to be on the board stems from getting to work with varied individuals committed to the same purpose and mission in improving care. That mission includes furthering the stabilization and growth of needed behavioral health/SUD systems and programs. This is what Fora will be supporting with the construction of a new treatment facility in SE Portland.

September is the tentative date for the opening of the new facility, which will nearly triple Fora’s outpatient capacity. They plan to re-introduce their day treatment program as well, ensuring they remain one of the largest residential treatment facilities in the region.

For patients looking for a person-centered, trauma-informed approach to substance use and behavioral health care, Fora Health is definitely a compassionate and accepting option. “Never underestimate the power of substance abuse disorder treatment & services on individuals and community health” says Dr. Amit Shah.

If you want to learn more about Fora Health, including their decision to change names, you can read the FAQs on their website.

4 local leaders standing in front of a construction site

On-site: Pictured at Fora Health’s future treatment center are (L-R) Amit Shah, MD, CMO, CareOregon, Teresa Learn, CFO CareOregon, Sharon Meieran, MD, Multnomah County Commissioner and Maree Wacker, CEO, Fora Health