2021 Community Giving grants

Grant types

Traditional Health Worker Investments

CareOregon’s 2021 community grant making will include additional investments in Traditional Health Workers (THWs) in community-based organization (CBO) settings.

Only grantee organizations awarded a THW grant in Fall 2020 are eligible for funding in 2021.

Requests for THW support from new community partners should refer to the Adaptive Fund below. 

Adaptive Fund: Event sponsorships and general grant requests

CareOregon’s Adaptive Fund will accept requests at any time in 2021. The Adaptive Fund provides support to community partners to recognize both the importance of partnership and the need to build capacity.

Adaptive fund grants and sponsorships will prioritize funding support to:

  • Culturally specific organizations, including disability and LGBTQ+ focused organizations.
  • Organizations and programming increasing health equity and addressing the social determinants of health, particularly within CareOregon’s membership.
  • Programming that includes the use of Traditional Health Workers (THWs) of any type, including Community Health Workers, Doulas, Peer Support Specialists, Peer Wellness Specialists, and Personal Health Navigators.
  • Programming addressing the ongoing impacts of COVID-19; and COVID-19 related emergency operations support.

Adaptive Fund proposals do not have a dollar limit, but resources are limited. Organizations seeking funding at levels greater than $10,000 are strongly encouraged to reach out to CareOregon’s grant program manager to discuss their request prior to submission.


Please direct all questions to CareOregon’s grant program manager at communitygivinggrants@careoregon.org or call 503-416-3913.

For more than two decades, CareOregon Community Giving has worked to improve access to health care and other resources for both CareOregon members and non-members. In the past ten years, we’ve invested more than $10 million into Oregon communities through grants and sponsorships. This commitment continues in 2021. We firmly believe in the power of trickle up. When we make one child or one family healthier, we all become stronger. It’s something we call the CareOregon Effect.

See a list of our past grant recipients, including COVID-19 response grants in 2020, here.