As a CareOregon provider, you may have some specific questions for us. Below, you’ll find contact and procedural information for providers.

Becoming a CareOregon Provider

CareOregon provides plan services to five Coordinated Care Organizations and offers two Medicare plans supporting and enhancing sensible, localized, coordinated care.

If you are interested in becoming a contracted provider please review our Credentialing requirements for Primary Care Providers and Specialists.

If you have additional questions or would like to start the contracting process please contact Customer Service 1-800-224-4840 or 503-416-4100. Thank you for your interest in joining CareOregon’s provider panel!

Verifying Clinics’ E-mails

CareOregon is confirming clinics’ e-mail addresses to ensure that we can contact you with system alerts and other critical information. Please send the e-mail address(es) that you want CareOregon to use when contacting your clinic to Be sure to identify each e-mail with job title and name.


Get in touch with CareOregon

Send changes or updates to your clinic(s).

Provider Relations Specialists

Team Assignment List

Fax number: 503-416-1478 or 1-800-874-3916



  • Send your e-mailed claims inquiries to Note: All emails containing protected health information (PHI) must be sent in a secured manner. We are unable to respond to e-mail that are not sent securely.
  • Phone numbers: 503-416-4100 or 1-800-224-4840. Press option 3 for provider.
  • Send CareOregon Advantage and OHP electronic claims to the same payor ID (93975). Do not bill separately for each plan.
  • Mail paper claims to:
Claims, CareOregon
PO Box 40328
Portland OR 97240



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Care Management Department

Fax number: 503-416-3637 or 1-800-862-4831