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Media inquiries

Media inquiries

CareOregon works with multiple community partners to help people get health care, housing, employment, education, healthy food and more. Helping just one person or family can make an entire community stronger. It’s something we call the CareOregon Effect

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Our areas of expertise include:

  • Oregon Health Plan (Medicaid)
  • Medicare
  • Medical homes
  • Lean process improvement in health care settings
  • Human-centered (a.k.a. user-centered) design in health care
  • Member councils and member advocacy efforts
  • Innovative approaches to member well-being
  • Health care policy 

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Building a stronger Rockwood: Why we’re investing in after-hours crisis support through New Avenues for Youth

Jan 10, 2023, 16:54 PM


As part of our inaugural corporate grant cycle, CareOregon is making major investments in the Rockwood community, including supporting New Avenues for Youth with a $50,000 grant to hire an additional After-hours Crisis Services Coordinator in Rockwood. This staff person will provide immediate crisis intervention and stabilization for youth ages 9-17 who are accessing emergency housing and shelter services, among other resources.

“CareOregon’s investment helps New Avenues respond to youth in some of their most vulnerable moments—late at night and without a safe place to sleep,” said Sean Suib, New Avenues for Youth Executive Director.

“Our new After-hours Crisis Services Coordinator will be there to listen, facilitate shelter access and help young people make a plan for stability.”

New Avenues for Youth provides temporary and emergency shelter options, including short term host homes and emergency beds for kids in crisis. Housing options include 24-bed transitional housing facility in downtown Portland, LGBTQIA2S+-focused housing space, an independent shared housing unit for youth emerging from foster care and a 15-unit housing complex for youth transitioning out of foster care. They also help clients find their own apartment in the community, access vouchers and subsidies and connect to other services and resources.

“With Rockwood having one of the highest concentrations of youth under the age of 19 in the metro region, organizations like New Avenues for Youth are critical to the community,” said Shawn DeCarlo, CareOregon director of community benefit.

“Their housing programs not only ensure that these kids have a roof over their heads,” continued DeCarlo, “But they work with them individually to help make a plan for their future so they can find employment, connect with counselors, help them acquire skills for jobs and provide any other resources to get them on the path to success. We are proud to support and invest in this important work.”

About New Avenues for Youth

New Avenues for Youth is a Portland-based nonprofit organization dedicated to the prevention and intervention of youth homelessness. Their services for young people (ages 9-24) focus on the individual—their experiences, identities, needs, and goals—and helping them make positive change in their lives.