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KairosPDX - spreading the love in Portland

Feb 25, 2021, 08:00 AM

“Cultivating Confident, Creative, Compassionate Leaders.” That’s KairosPDX, simply explained. Since 2012, this organization has been bridging the gap that exists between education and marginalized communities in North Portland. By providing opportunities for youth, their families and their communities, Kairos is empowering the future of the Black family in America.

This year’s Black History Month theme focuses on the Black family and its identity, representation and diversity. We recognize Kairos for living and breathing this theme every day. Their primary mission is to erase racial achievement and opportunity gaps by creating stronger leaders in the Black community. They achieve sustainable results through their K-5 Learning Academy, Family Connections Programming and an Early Learning Network. Children from age 0-10 are given the educational tools necessary to succeed. And the Black family and community thrives because of this. That’s Black History in the making.

Part of CareOregon’s mission is keeping communities healthy by working with partners who directly serve these communities. KairosPDX helps us see our vision of healthy communities where things like money, skin color or who you love aren’t barriers to being well. This is why we invest in organizations like KairosPDX, who know that one-size-fits-all doesn’t apply when it comes to the underserved.

CareOregon knows that adverse life situations can leave many individuals and families short of opportunities. We also know that socio-economic and racial lines play a part in having these opportunities available. That’s why we consider our partnership with KairosPDX to be mutually beneficial. It is a great example of The CareOregon Effect in action. When they are stronger, we are stronger.

Proudly, we are a Platinum Sponsor of this year’s Spread the Love event, KairosPDX’s virtual fundraiser taking place February 27. They cannot do what they do without the help of the whole community. It will be a great night supporting a vital organization.

If you want to know more about KairosPDX or their services, you can find them at

And if you want to want to RSVP for their Spread the Love Virtual Gala, you can find the registration here.

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