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CareOregon sending $13 million to providers during cyber crisis

Mar 18, 2024, 20:42 PM

CareOregon continues to ramp up support for providers – including processing emergency funding – to help them weather the nationwide cyber security crisis at Change Healthcare.  

We know that providers, especially smaller practices and behavioral health providers, have struggled since Change Healthcare announced the cyber issue on February 21, completely disrupting insurance claims filing.  

To help our providers during this critical time, CareOregon is taking multiple actions:  

  • We have processed over $13 million of emergency funding in the form of advance payments to help contracted providers bridge gaps caused by the interruption in insurance claim filing. 
  • Our technical teams have successfully implemented alternative clearinghouse options for electronic claims submissions and are currently receiving and processing live claims, with the flow of claims steadily increasing.
  • We have created alternative, more efficient pathways providers can use to submit paper claims. 
  • We are working with providers to ensure that they can resolve any issues with “timely filing” rules regarding insurance claims. 
  • We have posted, and are regularly updating, FAQs and detailed instructions on all our provider websites – including critical direction on how to submit claims. 
  • Our Provider Customer Service team continues to actively support our providers.

“We care deeply about the success of our entire provider community, and we are all hands on deck to respond to this unprecedented event in any way we can,” said Amy Dowd, CareOregon Chief Operations Officer. “CareOregon values our providers who do so much to help our members.”   

The multiple actions taken by CareOregon have been a huge support for Full Spectrum Therapy.  

“CareOregon's support – especially the emergency funding – was really a lifeline for us,” said Sam Skye, LPC, CEO of Full Spectrum Therapy, a mental health clinic serving the LGBTQ+ community. “This problem with Change Healthcare was incredibly disruptive. I'm so happy that CareOregon stepped up and helped us to continue to help our clients.”  

If you are a CareOregon provider experiencing hardships related to the Change Healthcare security crisis, please reach out to our Provider Customer Service team at 800-224-4840 so we can provide support.

Media Contact: 

Erich Ericson 
Vice President, Branding, Marketing and Communications 

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