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Striking Back Against the Rise of Diabetes During COVID-19

A MEDS Ed seminar

Download the slide deck here to follow along.

This session of CareOregon Pharmacy’s MEDS Ed program highlights the treatment of diabetes during the COVID-19 era and updates on medication management from both a diabetologist's and pharmacist's perspective.

Key Session Takeaways

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  • Covid-19 has caused a significant decrease in diabetes maintenance and led to worse glycemic control for many. Part 1 – 11:25
  • Encouraging patients to come back into clinic by allaying fears, improving use of and access to technological solutions (telehealth), and transitioning care to the community setting is critical for patients with chronic disease. Part 1 – 17:40
  • Dental care is one of the most delayed services during the pandemic and critical for patients with diabetes in order to improve glycemic control. Part 1 – 22:50
  • CareOregon has enhanced its Diabetes Treatment Pathway to improve and simplify patient treatment. Part 2 – 1:19
  • Utilizing DPP-4s effectively early in the disease process. Part 2 – 12:24
  • Newer SGLT-2 Inhibitors that are effective and beneficial. Part 2 – 15:19
  • When to consider starting Basal Insulin. Part 2 – 19:30
  • What to do when Insulin Resistance is an issue. Part 2 – 27:34
  • “A behind-the-scenes discount? ” Drug costs can vary significantly from plan to plan, largely due to rebates. This is why different insurance plans may vary in which drugs they cover. Part 4 – 8:38
  • “Don’t hate the player, hate the game.”- Drug costs are out of control. CareOregon is a non-profit managed care organization trying to ensure the most effective spend of limited Medicaid and Medicare resources. Part 4 – 14:20
  • “Cost vs Value.”  We shouldn’t use outcomes OR cost alone when deciding coverage. Value is critical to assessing how MUCH of an outcome you are getting at what cost. We must balance these two in perspective of one another. Part 4 – 33:28
  • “The best PA is no PA.” The most effective way to be successful in the PA process is to try to follow the formulary/PA criteria whenever reasonable. The CareOregon diabetes treatment pathway aligns with our criteria and can minimize burden when followed. Part 4 – 43:08
  • “Be specific.” When asking for an exception, be as specific to the patient as possible. General PHRMA website arguments aren’t likely to be successful. Part 4 – 53:26

Featured Speakers

  • Melissa Brewster, PharmD, BCPS – Senior Pharmacy Clinical Coordinator – CareOregon
  • Dr. Leonard Bertheau, DO – Diabetes and Endocrine Center – Adventist Health
  • Cory Bradley, PharmD – Pharmacy Operations Manager – CareOregon

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Striking Back Against the Rise of Diabetes During COVID-19 (Parts 1-5) - A MEDS Ed Seminar

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The Rise of Diabetes (5/5): youtu.be/6oL5QDE5xLw

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