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Welcome to the Metro Area Behavioral Health Provider Resources page. We at CareOregon are happy to have all of you in the Metro Area Specialty Behavioral Health Network and look forward to our partnership! 

Health Share’s Specialty Behavioral Health benefit transitioned to CareOregon as of January 2020. This transition was part of a reorganization of Health Share to meet the requirements of CCO 2.0, improve administrative efficiencies and better serve our members. If you would like information about the steps in the transition that took place, please download our Transition Overview packet, which includes all of this information and the FAQ’s below. 

To ensure access for our members, CareOregon pays both qualified in network and out-of-network providers for authorized behavioral health services provided to CareOregon/HealthShare members.

Please carefully review all procedures before rendering any services to members. Also, be advised, all out-of-network services require prior authorization. In order to be eligible for payment, claims must meet CareOregon’s policies, procedures and authorization requirements as described on this webpage and its links.


Non-Emergent Medical Transportation

NEMT 2020 transition information

Claims and Billing Resources 

2021 E&M Coding Provider Webinar for November, December and January -Register here!

  • To register as a new provider and gain CIM access, please visit the PH TECH Help Center at and submit a request. (Learn more here.)  

  • Visit the CIM Provider Portal to log in to your CIM account and access additional CIM provider tools, like the CIM Provider Manual.  

  • For additional support, please contact PH TECH Provider Customer Service at 503-584-2151

Please ensure you request and activate your new EFT registration codes with Payspan

Metro Area Behavioral Health Provider Transition FAQs

  • Contracts & Rates

  • Authorization Rules and Fee Schedules

  • Behavioral Health Medications

  • Care Coordination and Member Safety

  • Health Related Services - Flex Funds

  • Claim Submission

  • General Questions

Download all FAQs as part of our Transition Overview packet

Health Share & CareOregon Resources

  • For more detailed information on claims, authorizations, data reporting and other topics,
    please see the Metro Area Behavioral Health Provider Manual
  • For more information on Behavioral Health Provider Resources and the transition, please email Provider Relations at, or call Provider Customer Services at 503-416-4100 or 800-224-4840


Network Provider Meetings

  • Addictions provider meeting (within TCP): Tuesday, January 28, 3-4:30 p.m., Health Share of Oregon