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Community Advisory Board (COCAB)

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Annette: Member and Advocate

Sep 27, 2022, 18:45 PM

My name is Annette Parker. CareOregon health plan has helped me in so many ways.

The first time I paid attention to my health care, I had Regence Blue Cross of Oregon. This was back in 1989, when I had two small children. In 1995, CareOregon came along as an option and we all became members. I’ve been a member since. The care I got from CareOregon was better care — it was a lot different from Regency care, because I had more benefits and more choices. I am 64 years old and am still on Medicaid. In 2014, I became a member of the COCAB via a flyer I received in the mail. The experience has been great. It’s both educated and influenced me on how health care systems work. I’ve learned about state regulations and federal dollars, and how they both work with health care. Because of the COCAB, I’ve become an advocate to push our legislators for more health care and Medicaid funding.