Do you need extra support in your health care journey? CareOregon members can access licensed traditional health workers (THWs) at no cost. THWs are local public health professionals who work under a health provider. They have training and personal experience. There are five types of THWs licensed in Oregon:

  • Doulas are trained birth companions. They provide support to women and families during pregnancy, birth and beyond.
  • Peer support specialists give support services to people who are or have been in mental health or substance use treatment.
  • Peer wellness specialists have personal experience with psychiatric conditions plus intensive training. They’re part of a home health team that combines mental health with primary care.
  • Personal health navigators provide tools to help patients make the best health care choices.
  • Community health workers are public health workers who are trusted members of a community and have a close understanding of it.

THWs are a free benefit to you. To connect with one, call Customer Service at 800-224-4840 or TTY 711.