Sometimes, you have health needs that aren’t covered by a health plan or other services. CareOregon wants to make sure those needs are addressed, too, so you are as healthy as possible. That’s why we have a fund for what the Oregon Health Plan (OHP) calls “health-related services.” This fund covers items or services that aren’t funded by a health plan but will improve a person’s health. Examples include:

  • Helping a person get a cell phone if having one will give them better access to their providers.
  • Transit passes for members who need transportation for health-related needs beyond covered appointments.
  • Buying an air conditioner for a person whose health is affected by the warm of their home.
  • Vouchers for a yoga studio for a person whose back pain will be helped by an exercise class.
  • A class on cooking healthy meals for a person with diabetes.

Any health care provider can make a request for you. They will need to describe how the item or service requested fits into your treatment plan.

If you think you need access to health-related service funds, talk to your primary care provider (PCP).